Frequently Asked Questions


How soon can I use my carpets after they are cleaned?

The carpets will feel slightly damp when we leave, most carpets dry in around 2-3 hours depending on the temperature in your home and the type of carpet.


Should I vacuum my house or business before you arrive?

 We always recommend a light vacuuming before our carpet cleaning crew arrives. But it is not a necessity, as we usually pre-vacuum areas before using our heavy duty carpet cleaning equipment.


How long does carpet cleaning take?

Our carpet cleaning services  are typically completed within one to two hours if it is a regularly sized apartment or home. Larger spaces and businesses may require longer, based on the surface area of each room with a carpet. On average, it takes 20 minutes for every 300 square feet of carpet we clean.


Do I need to remove furniture in advance?

We are capable of moving furniture around to clean your carpets. But if you require the best and most thorough cleaning of your entire carpet, it is best to clear furniture from that room before we arrive.